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Be sure to follow all safety & application instructions before using any masonry cleaning product.

  1. I have dark red brick on my home that was laid recently. After the mason cleaned the wall there was a white film on the brick. Can this be cleaned?
    This problem was most likely caused by an improper initial cleaning (the solution may not have been rinsed off in a timely manner). Thoroughly saturate the wall with clean water and mix a solution of Tex Clean Plus per manufacturer's recommendations. Apply cleaner to wall and let stand for 3 to 4 minutes. Rinse cleaner off thoroughly!! Remember, you can never use too much water on masonry walls!!! Wet wall thoroughly before applying cleaner, apply cleaner and rinse, rinse, rinse.

  2. Can I use muriatic acid and a wire brush to clean my brick?
    NO!!! The use of a wire brush can permanently ruin the surface. Muriatic Acid is never the correct product in our opinion for cleaning brick. It is very strong & not appropriate for many masonry materials. Metal brushes and acid do not work together well. Avoid their use for masonry cleaning.

  3. I have a white frost on my brick and mortar. What is it and what can be done about it?
    The frost is actually salts or efflorescence in the masonry. This is a mineral found in some clay and cement products. The efflorescence is water-soluble and removes easily. Let the wall dry and wash with Tex Clean. (Tex Tral if light colored or sensitive masonry is involved.) DONíT USE MURIATIC ACID! Usually efflorescence will not return unless your wall is receiving a lot of moisture.

  4. What is the recommendation for cleaning white clay or rock faced concrete brick?
    Always clean white brick with Tex Tral. Thoroughly saturate the wall and apply 1 part cleaner and 6 parts water. Some white brick is very sensitive &may require a 1 part cleaner to as much as 10 parts water dilution for an appropriate cleaning. Be sure to test an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire job.

  5. I am doing a project that requires colored mortar. Are there any tips you can give me on the cleaning?
    Yes. Tex Tral is the recommended cleaner for all Sprectrum colored cements. Remember that the more aggressive you clean your walls the more color you will remove from the masonry surface & the mortar. So it is best to clean your walls with the most diluted solution possible. (This saves money on cleaner as well because you won't use as much).

  6. After my new home was completed, I noticed mortar smears on the face of the brick. How can I remove these?
    Clean the brick with Tex Clean (Tex Tral if light colored or sensitive masonry is involved). This will remove the excess mortar. Always test the solution on a test panel.

  7. Can I use a pressure washer to clean the brick on my home?
    When properly used, a pressure washer can reduce the time and improve the cleaning results. Set the washer at 1000psi or less. (Remember that soft brick or mortar can be damaged by high pressure washers. Be sure to test an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire job.)

  8. I have dark brick on my house. After it was cleaned it had spots of heavy white areas that appeared. What can this be, and how can it be removed?
    This sounds like white scum. If the brick was cleaned with the wrong material, or cleaned incorrectly, this can occur. This condition can appear naturally. Ordinary brick cleaners will not remove this. Use Tex Clean Scum Away. Let the solution set on the brick for 2to 3 minutes and rinse.

  9. The brick on my home is turning black in places. What is it and how can I remove it?
    This is normally a mildew problem. To remove mildew, mix a solution of bleach and water and apply sparingly, then rinse thoroughly.

  10. There is a white stain on my cast stone windowsill. How can I remove it?
    Clean with Tex Tral. Use a stiff brush or a pressure washer not to exceed1000psi.

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