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Product Information:
Spectrum Cements are perfect for complimenting any building medium: brick, stone, marble, concrete masonry units, tile or glass block. Our plant is located near Austin, Texas. This central location, and the subsequent savings in freight and the shorter delivery time, enable us to sell Custom Colored products at an affordable price. These freight savings are especially beneficial to our customers throughout the south. Our blending process utilizes state of the art computerized weighing, blending and packaging systems. This, along with the manual checks that we perform, insures an exact color match from one lot of cement to the next. The color consistency of our product far exceeds that which is done on the job site. The quality of our cement is attested to by our satisfied customers who have laid millions of bricks and blocks with this product.

Custom Blending Capability:
In addition to the standard colors displayed in this brochure, Spectrum can custom blend colored mortar to meet your specifications. A sample of the hardened mortar will be produced to match the color sample you provide. These sample strips are designed in such a way that you can place them between two masonry units to simulate the mortar joint. Upon your approval, and receipt of your order, we will proceed with the productions of the product you have specified. This process is for specially blended colors; order for our standard colored products are usually shipped upon receipt of the order.

Spectrum Custom Colored Portland & Lime Mortar Mixes:
Spectrum pre-mixed Portland Cement and Hydrated Lime mortar mixes are very popular due to the exceptional waterproofing and workability that they offer. These mixes also provide excellent bonding to brick to brick and block to block, with only a very small amount of shrinkage occurring in the joints. We can also add integral waterproofing or other additives to suit your particular needs.

Spectrum Type 1 Custom Colored Portland Cement:
Spectrum routinely supplies colored Portland cement, in 94lb bags, to customers throughout the south. We have recently expanded our capability to include bulk production of colored Portland cements. Specifically we can blend any of the following components together and provide them to you in bulk or bag fashion: Grey Portland Cement, White Portland Cement and dry pigments. Please call for details.

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