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We at AmeriSteel (an AHI Supply Company) make Arched Steel Lintels for windows, entries, doors and walls. Our Arch Lintels can be customized to any size or shape you need and help prevent hazardous brick cracks. Steel Arch Lintels are sturdy, economical and available with primer coating or galvanized. Lintels are commonly used above doors and windows to support the immediate wall surfaces above them.

When properly installing a brink arch, one should always use an Arched Lintel. Here are examples of what can happen if you don't use Arched Lintels when building : Photos of Brick Arch Collapse Because Arched Lintels Were Not Used. Click here: What You Should Know About Using Arched Lintels to find out more information on why you need to use Arch Lintels.

Below are examples of Arched Lintels:

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Typical arched lintel for window
Typical bay window
Heavy-duty arched plates suitable for high-strength
fastening-to-framing orrosion-resistant metal primer
Galvanized Arched Lintels

AmeriSteel's Lintels Options:

  • Single Wall Lintels or Double Wall Lintels
  • Galvanised Steel or Primer Coated
  • Arched, Angle and Straight Lintels

Most common uses of Lintels:

  • Arch Lintels (for Garages, Windows or Doors)
  • Window Lintels
  • Door Lintels
  • Masonry Lintels
  • Brick Lintels
  • Porte-cocheres (Porches)

Download Arch Lintel Brochures:

Download Measure Forms:

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