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AHI Supply has a wide variety of quality masonry supplies, tools and materials for contractors, builders or homeowners. We are and have been manufacturing and distributing masonry supplies for over 30 years. AHI Supply strives to provide you with all your masonry supplies. With low prices, high-quality masonry materials, timely deliveries, a friendly & knowledgeable staff and a full selection of masonry supplies - itís no wonder AHI supply is a leading masonry supplier in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.


AHI Supply now has 3 locations to better serve our customers throughout Texas! Having 3 locations strategically placed in the Houston, Austin and Dallas areas allows AHI Supply to provide our customers with convenient and timely deliveries. AHI Supply also has a knowledgeable, helpful sales team who are ready and able to help you with any masonry needs. For more information about our locations, please contact us.

Knowledgeable Staff

We can assist you in an explanation of the proper products, materials, and tools you need to complete your masonry project. We manufacture and distribute many cements and mortars including Spectrum Colored Cements, Portland and Lime Cements, Masonry Cements, Mortar Mixes, Mason's Lime, and more.

AHI Supply Masonry Supplies:

  • Mortar mixers
  • Brick saws
  • Masonry blades
  • Scaffolds
  • Brick dollies
  • Wheelbarrows & wheelbarrow tires
  • Levels, trowels, and line
  • Rulers, line pins, and twigs
  • Brick tongs and jointers
  • Skate rakes and mortar hoes
  • Chisels and wire brushes
  • Brick hammers and tuck pointers
  • Grout bags
  • Acid brushes and acid pumps
  • Concrete block
  • Car stops
  • Bonding agent
  • Lagg bolts and nails
  • Carriage bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Backer rods
  • Commercial wall ties - 22 gage

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