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Cement powder or freshly mixed concrete, grout or mortar will cause skin injury. Avoid contact with skin and wash exposed skin areas promptly with water. If any cement powder or mixture gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention.

WORKMANSHIP - Plastering personnel should follow practices defined under ASTM C-926 (Standards for Application of Portland Cement Based
WATER - The amount of water needed depends on the water content of the sand and the personal preference of the plastering contractor. Add water
until the blended components of cement sand and water reach the workability desired by a qualified plasterer.
SAND - Use sand that conforms to ASTM C-897 6.2 & 6.2.1. (Or other sand as permitted by ASTM 926 4.4.3)

General Mixing Instructions for
Spectrum Gray Finish Coat
(It is recommended that you mix this or similar products with the use of a motorized mortar mixer.)

1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat = Approximately 1 cubic foot of cementious material (ASTM C926 Table 4 states) for every part of cement, mix aggregate conforming to (ASTM C897) at a range of 1.5 to 3 parts.

1. Add 2/3 of the required water, 1/2 of the required sand into the mixer and allow that to mix briefly.

2. Add the Spectrum Gray Finish Coat, the remainder of the sand, and sufficient water to bring the mix to the desired workability. These components should be mixed a minimum of 5 minutes after all materials have been added to the mixer. When using sand that is not in a bag, it is recommended that a 1 cubic foot box or similar measuring tool be used to measure the sand. This will insure consistent color, uniformity, and strength.

Mix design preferred by contractors:

1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat with 1.5 bags* of #3 Blasting Sand (for a medium texture)
1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat with 2 bags* of #4 Blasting Sand (for a sand finish texture)
1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat with 2 bags* of #5 Blasting Sand (for a fine finish texture)
*Based on 100 lb bags of sand.

(Contractors have also mixed Spectrum Gray Finish Coat with Torpedo Sand for rough textures.)

Spectrum Scratch and Brown Coat is the preferred material for both first (scratch) and second (brown) coats in a traditional 3 coat stucco system. After sufficient drying of the brown coat, Spectrum Gray Finish Coat mixed at the chosen texture can be applied at 1/8 inch thickness with a variety of trowels and sponges. After sufficient drying time of the finish coat, the wall should be primed with Spectrum Primer and then painted with Spectrum Acrylic or Elastomeric Paint or it can be covered with Spectrum Acrylic or Elastomeric Finish.

Stucco work should only be performed by qualified stucco contractors.

Coverage Reported by Users: Mix Design:
250-300 SQ/FT 1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat mixed with 1.5 bags of Blasting Sand #3
400-440 SQ/FT 1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat mixed with 2 bags of Blasting Sand #4
450-500 SQ/FT 1 bag of Spectrum Gray Finish Coat mixed with 2 bags of Blasting Sand #5

Dry Time
: Referenced from ASTM C926 - “Sufficient time between coats should be allowed to permit each coat to cure or develop enough rigidity to resist cracking other physical damage when the next coat is applied.

Job Cautions: Air and substrate temperature must be above 40° F or higher and remain so for a min. of 24 hours. Apply to dry surfaces only. Use adequate ventilation. Use of approved dust respirator, safety glasses, and protective gloves is recommended.

Storage: Store off the ground in a dry area and protect from moisture. Product can be stored for a period of 12 months in original, un-opened bag.

Product conforms to ASTM C-926 Type FP when applicable.

No warranty, representation or condition of any kind, expressed or implied applies, including warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Having no control over the use of cement, seller will not guarantee finished work, nor shall seller be liable for consequential damages. Seller’s liability is expressly limited to replacement of defective product.

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